You are a Psychic Healer!

About twenty years ago the company I was working for sent me to Los Angeles for training. In my free time I visited Venice Beach. I saw the “Chainsaw Juggler,” Muscle Beach, and there was a Tarot reader sitting on a blanket along the public pedestrian thoroughfare. I sat down with him, and we had a nice chat. He told me that the card foretold that I was to become a psychic healer. Me? A P-S-Y-C-H-I-C H-E-A-L-E-R? I walked away entertained, as that was all the young man had promised, entertainment.

This week I remembered that conversation. A co-worker’s brother had fallen off a horse and sustained serious injuries. It was apparent that this co-worker was experiencing anguish. I wanted to help. I stopped by the flower shop and purchased an arrangement for this lady. The flowers were purple and the arrangement was adorned with a purple butterfly. I know that purple is her favorite color.

When she came in to work to find the arrangement on her desk, she seemed touched and pleased with my sincere gesture of concern. I could do nothing for her injured brother, but maybe my co-worker was healed, even if just a little, by my kindness.

I am sure that most of us can multiply this kind of gesture, with our prayers and concerns and kindness, a hundred thousand times during our lifetimes. Maybe we all take a turn at being the “Psychic Healer.”

Jesus healed physical illness and injury. Yet, He also healed us emotionally and healed our psyches. All of the parables he spoke pointed to this fact.

And then, after He left this Earth, we had His Holy Spirit, and the Apostle Paul, with all his encouragement and instruction.

Just as it takes more than a surprise flower arrangement to fill the gap we can experience just by virtue of the fact that we live our lives here on Earth, maybe we could all be more aware of the emotional needs of each other. A kind word, a sentiment of encouragement, a small gift. With all these things we can all help heal each other and maybe touch each other with the God-given inspiration that is richly bestowed on us through the Holy Spirit. Have faith.

Wendy S.

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