What Are We Waiting For?

Picture this–a working man and his wife trying to sleep in on Saturday morning. Downstairs their eight children, all in different stages of growth, making a ruckus. Saturday morning cartoons blaring on TV. The volume pumped way up with rock n’ roll on the stereo. Some kids were crying, some were screaming and some were fighting. All were loud and out of control. Suddenly my father tromps to the top of the stairs and shouts angrily, “DON’T MAKE ME COME DOWN THERE!”

H-m-m-m. Don’t make me come down there. What would happen if he came down? The consequences were chilling.

I was looking at some old photos today, and that scene came to mind. It reminded me of something.

Humanity sometimes acts like a commotion in a large family. What if our Father in Heaven came down in the form of the second coming of Jesus? What would He find? What would He do?

A few months ago I completed reading the entire Christian Bible Old Testament cover to cover. I had read it piece-meal over the years, but this time I trudged through every word.

I came away with the understanding that the concept therein was actually quite simple as it permeated all the chapters. If mankind learned to live by the precepts God set out, then we would enjoy organic and miraculous blessings. If we did not live by His Law, then bad things would happen to us, maybe individually, and maybe collectively–perhaps as a result of our own failings or maybe in the form of Divine intervention.

Perhaps it is time for Him to “come down here.” But the concept found in the Old Testament is still the same. As we have trekked through life, have we improved? Be it individually or collectively? Have we engaged our lives with God and His precepts, especially through Jesus Christ? Then, I believe that when He finally does come down here, we have nothing to fear. We are at peace with God.

As for this world, it is for His Children a little like the pie fight in the movie, “The Great Race,” where pies are bombarding everyone else, but the gleaming protagonist, Leslie, is spared a pie in the face. (Or maybe he finally gets one at the end of the scene, but only for a laugh.)

The world has waited long enough. Let me remind you of Revelation 22:17 on to the end of the Bible. Have faith.

Wendy S.

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