The Most Important Passage in the Bible?

What would you consider to be the most important passage in the Bible? John 3:16? Of course, our faith is predicated upon that verse. But, going back hundreds of years before Jesus visited with us on Earth, God spoke to the prophet Jeremiah, offering to takes God’s love a leap further. (Back to the future!)

God’s covenant with His chosen people indicated that if the people followed the precepts of God, they would be blessed. If they refused to follow God’s rule, then bad things would happen. Again and again, God’s people turned away from God and the laws that would save them from punishment.

The prophet Jeremiah warned that if the people did not repent and turn back to God, they would be taken away from Jerusalem and the cities of Judah and Israel and into exile. Those who would be left behind in Jerusalem would suffer the most agonizing misfortune. All of this punishment was meant to refine the people, and in the end make them stronger in their faith and able to live harmoniously with God and mankind alike, forsaking all false gods including their harmful superstitions.

Smack in the middle of Jeremiah’s prophesying doom and gloom, we find Jeremiah 31:31-34.

Here Jeremiah prophesies about a New Covenant. After His people have been refined, God’s laws would actually be written on the hearts of His people. They would no longer have to wonder about doing the right thing, they would have God right there, inside their hearts to guide them.

Jesus took this New Covenant one step further as He instituted the sacrament of Holy Communion. At Communion we symbolically take the Body and Blood of Christ into our beings, to nourish our hearts, and to nourish our souls, and to experience God in our beings. Have faith.

Wendy S.

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