Living on Borrowed Time

Imagine a world where:

– Each and every child is welcomed into the world with a warm and loving embrace.
– Imagine a world where husbands and wives learn to appreciate each special gift they bring to the marriage and neither one tries to lord it over the other.
– Imagine a world where the only wars are just skirmishes.
– Imagine a world where parents understand when a son or daughter must spread their wings and are tolerant of adolescence with all its pain and difficulties.
– Imagine no stealing.
– Imagine no lying.
– Imagine no terrorism.
– Imagine a world where each individual contributes to society and does not take advantage of a welfare system.

All of this would be approaching the Utopia Jesus meant for our globe. We are certainly not going to accomplish all this by sacrificing a bull.

I have been studying the Christian Bible Old Testament for some time now. Personally, I believe the people living during that historical time, the time of Moses and the Prophets, got it wrong.

The covenant between God and mankind centered on blessings as long as the Israelite population followed the precepts and laws of God. In the Old Testament books of Leviticus and Deuteronomy we may read of many, many rules and regulations. What happened? What went wrong?

Then, as now, mankind seems to be searching outside themselves for these rules and laws instead of looking inside and meeting God within our souls. Then, as now, people did not seem to know how to access God’s personal will for the individual.

By looking inside, we all would learn how to follow God’s rules and precepts. These rules and precepts may change a little as mankind progresses, evolves and is better able to comprehend God’s will, which is for our better good.

By learning to look inside, meeting God there, every human would be able to move toward living a Utopian existence. We are living on borrowed time. Have faith.

Wendy S.

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