The Christian Equation

Those of my readers who have been following me for a time know that I work in sales. I am paid strictly by commissions I have earned for completing a sale successfully. If I do not do a good job, I am paid nothing. A lot must come before checking my bank balance on my smart phone.

What does this have to do with Christianity? Plenty. Today I reflected that there is a correlation between the sales profession and successful Christianity.

Here is the equation for a successful sales career:

1. Make an initial commitment to become a sales professional +
2. Learn everything I can about the products I will represent +
3. Greet each customer with enthusiasm and genuine sincerity +
4. Qualify the customer and determine the best way to serve a given customer +
5. Beware of my attitude toward the customer, and make sure my behavior is in line with the customer’s needs +
6. Close the sale =
Enjoy paying my mortgage, dining and maybe going on a shopping trip.

Okay, what about Christianity? How would that equation look?

1. Make a commitment to follow Christ +
2. Read scripture and learn about becoming a Christian through the words of Jesus Christ +
3. Listen to the soft knock on our spiritual door for the presence of Christ in our lives +
4. Qualify (discern) what is right in the eyes of God +
5. Beware of our attitude toward God and our fellow man/woman +
6. Experience the inner prompting of God through the indwelling Christ =
Enjoy our salvation and a lifetime of the peace that passes all human understanding though our devotion to God through Christ.

Okay, somewhat similar, but the experience of living within the grace of salvation is worth comparing with our mundane professions. How does your profession compare?

Have faith,

Wendy S.

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