A “POP”. . . And and Invitation

A great, comfortable reclining chair with my feet up, a Sierra Mist in the cup holder and a bag of popcorn in my hand. My local theater recently converted to comfy reclining chairs, and that was my experience while watching Batman v. Superman! A little slice of Heaven?

Reflecting on the blessing of being able to afford a day at the movie, my thoughts have focused on, of all things, that little bag of popcorn.

I would say, “The Kingdom of Heaven is like a piece of popcorn!  A bag of popcorn is like the community of believers!” How so?

Think back to the time we first believed. POP! And we are suddenly in the company of saints in our Father’s kingdom. And, like that little kernel of popcorn, our spirits expand and change into something new–something much larger, more useful, and much more desirable. Add a handful of those kernels, and we have a community of believers, able to carry out God’s work here on Earth.

Okay. We are like a plumped, fluffed piece of popcorn. So what good?

Well as we expand, like that bit of popcorn, we discover, are treated to, and benefit from all the goodies Heaven has to offer, right here on Earth. We may experience the joy that comes from enjoying a full life. We may experience the love of God and include our fellow human beings in that love. We may recognize God’s hand in miracles, anything from the budding tulips to the flavor of chocolate. We may experience the mercy of God in His forgiveness, even for the things we don’t ourselves forgive easily.

That is Heaven–here on Earth, here and now. And truly that is not all.

Today I reflected that the Kingdom of Heaven is like a piece of popcorn. May I ask you how you experience Heaven? What is the Kingdom of Heaven like to my readers? Please, I would welcome your comments. I am interested, and others may also benefit. Have faith.

Wendy S.

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