His Infinite Grace . . . And All Benefit!

As a pre-schooler growing up in Chicago in the ‘50’s, when TV was young, I would watch a noon hour show that was part puppet show and part cartoons. I do not remember the name of the show, but I do recall that the host went by the name, “Two-Ton Baker.” Two-Ton Baker, a kindly man, would often sing to his tiny viewers. In particular, he sang a song than went, “I’m a lonely little petunia in an onion patch.” Now, as a small tot I would always feel sorry for the petunia because the song’s illustration had the petunia crying.

So, was it with Jesus? As we embark on another Holy Week, many of us will reflect upon the cross. Yes, Jesus suffered a shameful scourging and execution, but what came before?

Jesus was (is) the Son of God, perfectly pure in every way. Yet, for our sake He was born to a mere earthly woman and lived among us.

How difficult it must have been, a perfect human being, the humanity God His Father had planned for all of us, to live among evil and impurity each and every day, with every breath He took.

The Bible does not reveal much about the boyhood of Jesus, but we are edified by His Ministry and Mission.

The people thronged around Him to hear the good news of the Kingdom of God. Jesus taught us all about God’s grace and what it is like to live a heavenly existence. They thronged around him for healing. They thronged around him to be fed and to be consoled.

Like a basketball team who had just completed a March Madness game, we must have smelled pretty fierce. Yet, Jesus stood by us, reaching out to us with the ultimate invitation.

Jesus lived among us to save us. He lived on earth knowing how He would be treated, and he did not falter. He Manned up and made a life-long sacrifice.

Yet, The Bible indicates that Jesus suffered on the cross for about three hours. I contend that Jesus suffered for us an entire lifetime. It is not in vain. His servants are listening. Have faith.

Wendy S.

P.S. Sorry that I have not been posting lately. I have had some personal challenges, but am coming out the other side of the tunnel. Thank you to those who wondered about me, and thank you to those who read my blog. You are a blessing.

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