Little Drummer Boy! I Am Sorry!

I am sure I was no older than six the first time I heard the Christmas carol “The Little Drummer Boy.” At the time it gave me goose bumps. We had a new baby in the household, and the song made me think of the time my baby sister first smiled at me. Then I grew up.

For most of my adult life the song sounded like fingernails on a chalkboard, each and every year, each and every time I heard it.

After all, here is a newborn baby and some fresh kid comes around and makes all kinds of racket. Whatever happened to Silent Night? I thought the song was senseless and inane. But this year I had an epiphany (no pun intended.)

All of a sudden the world has this beautiful gift from God, an innocent baby. The song emphasizes that people were bringing the Christ Child their finest gifts. Then one plucky lad, without means, has a brilliant idea. Instead of a tangible gift, he would play his drum, and that would be his gift. He would play his best in front of this miraculous infant, sent to save the world and bring the potential for peace for all of us.

So what can be learned from this humble lad? Perhaps this Christmas, and always, we can take action to bring this profound peace to our weary world.

If we are a salesman, we can exhibit honesty and ethics. If we are a nurse, it may be our best compassion and a smile. It does not matter. The Little Drummer Boy was given the gift to play the drum. It was his God-given bestowal. We all have been given such gifts.

This Christmas, and always, let us use our personal bestowal to make the world a better place. This would be our finest gifts to the Christ Child. Pa-rup-a-pum-pum! Have faith

Wendy S.

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