We Are On A Mission From God!

In some instances the technology of procreation has changed. Yet, it is still safe to say that we all begin as a tiny zygote. This almost microscopic fertilized egg is full of all the promise and expectation the universe holds.

Some of the unborn children will be healthy, robust specimens. Some may be born with physical or mental challenges even from birth.

Yet, I believe each individual is equipped with a brain, a heart and a soul. There may be triumph and expectation for each one of us.

Today I have been pondering Jesus’ parable of the three servants who were put in charge of their master’s wealth in the master’s absence. (You may read the parable at https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Matthew%2025:14-30)

One servant was in charge of five bags of gold. He invested well, and earned his master another five bags of gold. One servant was put in charge of two bags of gold. This servant invested wisely and also doubled his master’s investment. The third servant was tentative with his charge and hid the money in the ground.

When the master returned, he praised the first two servants. The third servant was removed from his duties.

What is the point of Jesus’ story?

I think it is that each of us is endowed with gifts, or talents. It does not matter if that talent is to play the piano like a virtuoso or sell costume jewelry at a department store. We each can fulfill our tasks with eagerness and exuberance, witnessing and honoring God in every charge.

Our mission may also be caring for our children or elders. It may be volunteering as a Scout Leader. Our mission may be as large as leader of the free world or as small as mopping up our child’s spilled orange juice.

We each are capable of honoring God is all we do. As Jesus put it, “Well done my good and faithful servant!” Have faith.

Wendy S.

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