We All Are Under Construction!

I live far away from my five grown siblings. Yet, I feel a close connection with each one. It is the same way with God. God is not available in a physical form to walk with or to talk with, yet I feel a close connection with God. Sometimes I can detect the kind, soft voice of God directing me in my daily life. But usually I am on my own. Still the closeness I feel with God is always present.

Recently someone asked me how that works. How do I know beyond any doubt that God exists, and how can I feel so close to Him?

I would answer that question quite simply, but getting to this point in my relationship with God has not been so simple.

It is a little like learning to ride a bicycle or learning to play the piano. I remember a kernel of hope long years ago, and that was a starting point. No two people will have the same exact relationship with our Father. But I believe each one of us has that same kernel. As we are born with a heart and a brain, we are born with the capacity to grow in Christ and come to some understanding of God.

You might ask “how?” I would answer by suggesting that you search scripture for a book, or even a small passage that connects you with Him. From there you might be directed, via the Kind, Soft Voice, to a book or a film, or a pastor, or a walk through nature.

I would suggest that each one of us has the capacity to understand God. First we toddle, then we walk, then we run to Him. His love is waiting. His guidance is free of encumbrance.

To some it will be a little like completing a maze. Twists and turns all along the way. But there is much more than a piece of cheese awaiting us as we strive for the finish. Love, guidance, faith, hope, peace of mind. Many of the intangibles that make life a joy.

A little “preachy?” Maybe a little, but my hope is that any of my readers who question the existence of God open your minds and hearts. He is there, just as certain as the IRS.

There is a home improvement chain in American called Lowes. The tag line for Lowes is “Never stop improving.” That says it all. Have faith.

Wendy S.

P.S. I added a photo of myself to my blog. If you have ever wondered how I look, you will find my photo toward the top of my blog next to the pages “Home” and “About.” Do I look like you thought I would?

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