How do Burgers Measure up in Utopia?

On Saturdays I am usually too busy at work to take a lunch break, so am usually quite hungry come 5:00. Today I planned to run errands after work, so decided to stop at one of the three fast food restaurants near the shop where I work. But, which one?

First, we have McDonald’s. The food there is “iffy”, the service is usually lousy because the menu is crowded with items, and the young person behind the counter usually gets confused.

Then we have Wendy’s. The food is usually pretty good, but the people behind the counter all seem to have bad attitudes.

Third, we have Culver’s. The food is always great, the people behind the counter are always smiling and helpful, and the customer service is so great that they will bring the food right out to the patio if you like.

H-m-m. Hungry, worked all day on my feet, what was I in the mood for . . . great service, confusion or bad attitudes?

As I was enjoying my delightful meal at Culver’s out on the patio in 75 degree sunshine, I reflected on the three fast food experiences.

How does Wendy’s, McDonald’s and Culver’s relate to the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

All three establishments had the opportunity to hire fine young people. Only one of the three establishments apparently provided adequate training. In the other two cases, management apparently didn’t care about the dining experience of its patrons. And likewise, the employees at Culver’s applied their training, which made for an enjoyable dining experience.

We all have a choice. We can listen to the subtle “training” of the soft, still voice of God, and make our own lives and the lives of those around us “Utopia,” Or we can ignore the voice, and exhibit confusion and bad attitudes. It is our choice . . . our only real choice to improve the world as we know it.

No, I do not have scripture to back this one up. I have only life’s hard experience. Have faith.

Wendy S.


I have total and full respect for anyone trying to work and better themselves in this economy. The McDonald’s and Wendy’s restaurants near you may be a little closer to Utopia than those near my place of employment. If you work in a fast food environment, I have complete and total respect for your efforts!

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