As Unique as your Fingerprint . . .

I hope I am not rushing the season, but picture a big family seated around the table on Thanksgiving.

After a nourishing and satisfying meal of turkey and all the trimmings, my family would talk in endless conversations about everything from politics, to existentialism, to UFO’s, to, of course, religion. Everybody always got a piece of the action, and everybody was respectful of everybody else’s opinion.

Everybody was unique, and everybody had their own individual point of view. Once I was twenty minutes into a conversation with Steve about purgatory before I realized he wasn’t kidding.

Where did all these fascinating and distinctive opinions come from? And how do they relate to Jesus Christ?

Each person at that holiday table lived and experienced life from a different vantage point.

Every book we read, every television show we watch, every song we hear on the radio, every conversation with a friend helps to shape who we are in relation to God.

None of us can un-read a book, or un-hear that song on the radio. Everything we see and hear becomes a part of our individual story, our fingerprint.

Our relationship with God hinges on our unique earthly history. Many of us use that “inner dog” we experience in the soft, still voice of God to help shape our unique psyche and guide us toward rewarding and helpful encounters with God via our personal experience here on earth.

If we all allow God the opportunity to help shape our lives, then, our fingerprint is super-imposed under His. God is part of us in all we experience here on earth.

Our own personal history on earth can be one with His-story. Have faith.

Wendy S.

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