Following Jesus . . .

I work in the retail world, selling carpet and flooring. Yesterday I happened to notice that I and each one of my co-salespeople seem to have catch phrases that they use frequently. My biggest catch phrase is, “And that’s for sure.” Tom’s is “Or whatever.” Michelle says “Umm” constantly. But Dan’s catch phrase is, “follow me?”

Of all the catch phrases on the sales floor, I had to ponder that Dan’s is probably the most effective. “Follow me?” Dan will begin to explain product features, and then to confirm that the customer understands, he will ask, “Follow me?”

Yesterday when I heard Dan ask “follow me,” I thought of Jesus.

Jesus is known to invite each one of us to follow Him. But what does Jesus mean? “Follow me.”

There are many ways a person can follow Jesus. During His ministry on Earth, the multitudes followed Him around, listening to Jesus as he ministered and healed. Sort of like a game of “follow the leader.”

Some people will take heed and “pick up their cross and follow Jesus.” In other words, they will recognize the burden of their shortcomings, and follow Jesus as he leads them spiritually to a joyous eternity.

Like the carpet salesperson Dan, Jesus may also be asking us to understand Him.

Dan says “follow me?” Or “do you understand me?” Jesus, sometimes, when He invites us to follow Him, He is asking us to understand Him. Understand what He is doing in our lives. Read, ponder, and understand His ministry as conveyed in the Christian Bible New Testament. Read, study, and understand scripture. Understand the soft, still voice of His Holy Spirit as He directs us. Follow. Understand. Have faith!

Wendy S.

P.S. “And that’s for sure!”

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