Just Who is to Blame for this Mess?

Ethnic cleansing? Mass extermination? Herem? Reading the books of Joshua, Judges and Samuel makes me doubt the very goodness of our Father in Heaven, or at least causes me to invoke a double dose of faith.

The Canaanite people were apparently not worthy of the blessings of the Lord, while the Israelites, who screwed up time after time, were often treated to success in battle.

Makes me wonder. Why didn’t God encourage the souls and minds of the Canaanites to follow Him? Were the Canaanites the “stepchild nobody wanted?”

As I am working my way through the Christian Bible Old Testament, I am seeing a side of God that I never knew possible.

Now, the New Testament I have read through several times, enjoying the building relationship between God and mankind through God’s sacrifice of his own Son. But the Old Testament, in reality, I have read piece-meal, usually relying on the Old Testament readings coming from the pulpit.

The loving Father, Friend and Soulmate I know from the New Testament is elusive as I read the history of the relationship between God and mankind from an Old Testament point of view.

Has God changed His mind about His creation? Or did mankind progress in faith along the way?

I searched my soul for the answer because I do not take very well to reading where all the men, women and children, and babies were destroyed in the name of God!

The answer from God, through personal revelation and inspiration, came swiftly.

God seems to be saying to me, “Take it easy, Wendy, you are on the right track.”

I invite my readers, if you have such a profound question, to search your soul. Meditate and ask God, and then rest in His care.

The answer seems to be good news indeed.

Many people, during the first few millennia of the creation, did not reach out to God. They appeared to be a peoples who had to be concerned with their environment and bare survival. Learning right from wrong, from a soul connection with God, may have seemed like a luxury, out of the reach of many people.

As man was able to progress in faith, and began to learn to control their environment, God was apparently able to send relief in the form of His Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord.

The New Testament does not recount a culture of war, but it heralds a culture of profound peace.

Mankind, with the help of God, and the sacrifice of Jesus’ life on Earth, has won the Holy war once and for all.

Man has evolved. Think how the great opportunity of having Christ in the world may have affected our own history, and culture, and think of the great opportunity our future holds in fellowship with Christ Jesus. Have faith!

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