De-Mystifying Sin

What comes to mind when the word “sin” is mentioned? God? Punishment? The Ten Commandments? The word “sin” takes on an almost supernatural definition.

According to one source, “sin” is mentioned in the Bible 474 times in the NIV. Yet, bringing it down to the Earthly level, just what is “sin?”

If we erupt like Vesuvius when our child spills his milk, is that a sin? Lying, cheating, gossip? Are they all sins?

In reality, we all sin, and our sins have an effect on our fellow man, who may also sin as a ripple effect.

We may hear “Jesus takes away our sins.” Yes, through faith in Jesus we are redeemed. But we still committed the transgression. We sinned. The sin belongs to us, and we must own up to the sin.

Our sins are taken away through the supernatural act of Christ Jesus working within our souls and our psyches, but we still own the sin.

It is up to each and every one to listen to that soft, still voice of Christ, who will help us and guide us away from sin.

Our help is in the “lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.” Have faith.


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