The Case Against Blood Sacrifice . . .

There is no sugar coating it, many Christians believe that Jesus was a blood sacrifice to His Father to redeem mankind from our sinful nature. In other words, and I hope I am not offending you, many Christians believe in human sacrifice. However, there is a case against God’s accepting a human sacrifice of any kind.

1. Please see Genesis 22:1-19. Through this passage, it is clear that God had instructed Abraham (verse 8) that He would provide the lamb for the burnt offering. God specifically instructs Abraham NOT to harm his son. Yet, God, in His infinite mercy recognizes that Abraham would hold nothing back from service to God. To sacrifice Isaac would have been wrong in the eyes of God. (Read for yourself.)

2. Please see Exodus 20:13. “You shall not commit murder.” (Some translations read “Thou shalt not kill.”) Seems plain enough, humanity is instructed not to kill another human being. I believe God meant what He said to Moses.

3. What about Matthew 9:13? Jesus declares, “Go and learn what this means: I desire mercy and not sacrifice and sacrificial victims.”

4. Finally, (or at least all the references I can think of at this moment) take a look at Matthew 21:12-13. This passage recounts the cleansing of the Temple upon Jesus’ arrival in Jerusalem, shortly before His execution. “Jesus went into the Temple and drove out all who were buying and selling in the Temple precincts; He upset the tables of the moneychangers and the seats of the dealers in pigeons ; and said to them, ‘Scripture says, “My house shall be called a house of prayer”; but you are making it a robbers’ cave.”

Too many Fridays before Easter I looked up at the cross of Jesus and thought God would accept the sacrifice of His own son as a token of redemption for all of humanity.

Now, on the Friday before Easter I have compassion for Jesus, my Friend, and my Redeemer. When I understand the message of Jesus, as the Christ, I truly have the assurance of redemption for my countless transgressions, and this Friday is truly “Good.” I welcome debate. Have faith.


P.S. I changed my settings and made it much easier to leave comments. Jesus

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One Response to The Case Against Blood Sacrifice . . .

  1. Anonymous says:

    Isaac didn’t have to die because the lamb took his place… same for us we don’t have to die (eternally) because Jesus took our place. Jesus is the lamb of the world…. that was the moral of the whole story.. Jesus on the cross equates to the Ram in the bush.

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