Are the Creationist Theory and the Theory of Evolution both Laughable?

Let me start with a fact for all our “big thinkers” in the scientific world to ponder. The sum total of science is not created by man or some computer. All scientific fact is DISCOVERED. Again, scientific fact is not created; it is discovered, just the same way Christopher Columbus discovered the new world. Just like one of Oprah Winfrey’s famous “AHAH moments.” God created the sum total of science, and mankind has benefited from this gift for only He knows how many centuries. Through this beautiful gift of science, God created mankind, all the vegetation, the entire animal kingdom, and all of the material universe.

Now, as for the Creationist theory, many who follow this line of thinking, and I am speaking directly from the Old Testament book of Genesis, would have us believe that God created the Earth, the sky, outer-space, inner-space, all the animal life, all the vegetation, mankind, and BOOM! Stick a fork in it, God was done. Well, Mister Creationist Man, where did you and I come from? Did God suddenly cease creating? GOD is creating, through the gift of science, even as I write this “tongue in cheek” post. God created you and me, He created the litter of kittens born today down the street, and He created those wonderful strawberries that are just coming into season in Wisconsin. YUM!

The whole Creationist vs. Evolutionist mess reminds me of an old Rees’s Peanut Butter Cup TV commercial. You may remember the one: Two innocent bystanders are walking along the sidewalk on a busy street. One is eating peanut butter right out of a jar, and one is eating a chocolate bar. They bump into each other and one man cries, “Hey! You got chocolate on my peanut butter!” The other man cries, “Hey! You got peanut butter on my chocolate!”

What do we have? Two great “tastes” combined into one bar! Have faith.


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