What is the OBJECT of the “Game?”

Remember your first board game as a child? Was it Hasbro’s Candyland? The official game rules state “OBJECT: Be the first to reach the Candy Castle by landing on the multi-colored rainbow space at the end of the path.” Say WHAT?”

Without the capability to see the actual game board along with all the playing pieces and colorful cards, if you were a new-comer to the game, it would almost be impossible to visualize winning.

Same with Christianity. Millions of us attended church services this past Sunday, but what was the OBJECT?”

Was the OBJECT that Jesus Christ was forced to die because mankind does not follow the will of God? Was the OBJECT that we each are forgiven for our transgressions even as Jesus came back to us via the Resurrection, demonstrating forgiveness? Was the OBJECT to be a “good” person? Was the OBJECT to attend worship regularly?

For many of us the OBJECT has been lost, vanished in a puff of smoke.

I assert that the OBJECT is to grow into relationship with God through belief in Christ Jesus, our Mentor, our Healer, our Teacher.

Belief places our little Gingerbread man at the starting space on the cardboard game board. With the revelation of each and every colored playing card, God is revealing Himself to us, through our reading of scripture, through our listening to our own mentors here on earth, and by learning and following His will.

We may progress on our merry little game, enjoying the thrill of advancement with the turning of each colorful card. We may find ourselves in a molasses quagmire, but that need not stop us on our way.

Our game piece need never leave the path, and we may find ourselves on a shortcut from time to time.

We do not play against our brothers and sisters; we play our game at our own pace, yet enjoying the game with our friends and siblings along the way.

At last we find ourselves at the glorious Candy Castle, where we enjoy the pleasure of true companionship with Christ. This is the OBJECT of faith. Have faith.


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