The Cross and the Paper lilies

Understanding the Mission of Jesus

One of the congregants at a church where I worshipped in 1975 was a very skilled crafter and created some beautiful paper Easter Lilies.  Some of the ladies of the church got together and stapled paper lilies onto a life-sized plywood cross, covering the entire cross.  The finished cross was beautiful and inspirational, a sight to behold.

These many years later, as I remember that Easter in 1975, I see things quite differently.  Back in 1975 I was in awe of a beautified and ‘sugar coated’ instrument of torture, an implement that tortured and killed Jesus, my Savior, Redeemer and Friend.

Back in 1975 I related the cross directly to Jesus Christ.  Now these many years later, I am able to separate Jesus from the symbol of the cross, and walk with Him in my life, instead of looking up at a Jesus in the throes of pain, a Jesus…

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