Preaching to the Choir?

Understanding the Mission of Jesus

The adage, “preaching to the choir,” seems to infer that individuals who already experience Jesus in their hearts do not need to hear the sermon because they are already engaged with Jesus Christ. 

Whenever I travel by airliner, the flight attendant gives a short safety-oriented presentation to the passengers.  Part of the presentation has to do with the plane’s losing pressure and the oxygen masks dropping from overhead.  The flight attendant always instructs parents to put the mask on themselves first so that they will be sure to be in a condition to put the mask on their children.

Same holds true with Christianity.  Individuals who know Jesus Christ in their heart need to continue to grow in Christ so that they are in a position to help those not so fortunate.  It is literally a matter of life and death.

In this case, the “oxygen mask,” can be compared…

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