Sweat Equity and the Kingdom of Heaven

Understanding the Mission of Jesus

In my Christian walk I have encountered a difference between each brother/sister, and a same-ness.  Can one Christian be more saved than another?

We are the same in at least one major factor.  We share in the blood of Christ.  I am not speaking of death on the cross, I am speaking of the blood of the living Christ that flows through Him just as it flows through each one of us.  This precious blood gives us everlasting life and unites us unquestionably, and irrevocably one to another.  Just as our physical blood is active and essential throughout our body, the precious blood of Christ is active and essential in our souls, cleansing, bringing us precious spiritual oxygen, and ensuring our life everlasting.

Each Christian is different and unique in that we experience this blood in our souls in different ways, and at different times of our life.  In the…

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