An Introduction

Someone recently asked me to elaborate on what I believe. I think it is a good time to go back to the start of this blog and re-blog some of the posts. It is time for me to review, and to clarify my beliefs to my readers. If you have questions, please comment. I will answer all questions to the best of my ability, and hopefully with a little inspiration from above.

Understanding the Mission of Jesus

Like so many people before me, I have enjoyed a life-long journey of seeking the peace and understanding of Jesus Christ.  Like so many people, I have a long way to travel on my journey.

I have arrived at an interval on my journey that allows me to share with others the wisdom I have gained through my studying and observing Christianity and Christians.  Through this blog I will explain the mission of Jesus through new eyes, the eyes of one who has followed many church leaders as I learned to follow Jesus.

What I have learned during my journey to date has provided me with peace, joy, love and the assurance of a God who loves me.  I will share what I have learned.

Many of my blog entries will be centered on scripture, especially the four New Testament Gospels.  I will reference the chapters and verses; however, due…

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