What in the World is That?

Some years ago, while I was residing in the southeastern portion of Michigan, some of the neighbors had congregated in my front yard to chat and maybe a share little gossip.  All of a sudden, and we all saw it at once, it looked as if a flying mouse was approaching!  This thing was huge, and it landed on the cedar siding of my home!

We all walked up toward the house, and we noticed that it was a gigantic moth, so colorful and so unique, with a huge body.  I went into the house to retrieve a jar, only to study the creature, and we were amazed at this wonderful, colorful animal.

Frank knew what it was.  “It’s a Cecropia Moth,” he proudly announced.  Frank went on to say, “You wouldn’t believe it, but that huge, six-inch moth started out as a tiny black caterpillar!”  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hyalophora_cecropia

That Cecropia moth underwent a journey and a metamorphosis, just was we do as Christians.

Upon research, I learned that the tiny black caterpillar that was to become that mighty moth fed on Maple, Cherry and Birch trees.  From the size of the ensuing moth, it must have been very efficient at eating its way into that majestic creature that had all the neighbors talking.

I can make a correlation here between the moth’s diet and our own journey to become new creatures in Christ.

Every Bible verse we read, every sermon was stay awake for, every hymn we sing becomes a part of our Christian life. Every time we watch a movie, or read an article, or kiss our husbands good-bye in the morning, every experience, is what our souls feed upon.    Just as it was the occupation for that tiny caterpillar to eat and become a magnificent organism, so it is our occupation to nourish our souls with the proper diet of love, acceptance, obedience, and a sprinkling of joy, to help us grow and mature into the new creatures in Christ we all can become.

This morning I read from II Corinthians 5.  As Christians we have all learned that Christ died because of our lack of obedience.  We all, through nourishing our minds and hearts with the wisdom of God, can become new creatures, perhaps slowly, perhaps rapidly, perhaps a combination.

I encourage my readers to Google Cecropia Moth.  You will be viewing images of possibly the most majestic moth on the face of the earth.  My goal, my adventure.  Have faith.


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