Mirror, Mirror on the Wall . . .

Long before Netflix, long before Disney, long before books were readily available in the home, there were fairy tales.  Some very smart individuals, a long time ago, came up with some stories that, if we let them, resonate within our souls.

Had a bad day at work yesterday.  A certain someone was acting like the Wicked Queen in the Snow White tale.  I stewed about it for a while.  Then I realized, there is probably a little of the Wicked Queen in all of us!

We gaze into the Magic Mirror of our souls, hoping to be validated, and told that we are beautiful, but instead we are told that someone is more pure that we.

Sometimes this news is difficult for us Wicked Queens to accept, so we seek to destroy our competition, our Snow White.  Or, at least we seek to put her out of commission.

But our Snow White self dwells within us.  The seven dwarfs, or the many aspects of our inner self, seek to work in the depths of our souls to mine for our goodness, to work to redeem our Snow White (here on earth).

Just as it seems that our Snow White will expire, sleeping, in enters our Prince, who revives us with a kiss of acceptance.  We are good.  We are validated.  We are worthy of our Prince (our Christ).

Through the work of our souls, and the acceptance of Christ, we may someday look into that Magic Mirror and see our true selves, our own Snow White.  Have faith.


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3 Responses to Mirror, Mirror on the Wall . . .

  1. Julia Putzke says:

    Second to paragraph, absolutely love love love. ❤️ thank you for writing this. I continuously need to hear it lately.

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