Please Pass the Salt!

Here in the United States salt is all around us.  We have our salty potato snacks, and we even find salt in our ice cream.  In the U.S. salt is the gold standard for seasoning our food, and yet it is so common that it is almost insignificant.  But what would we do without it?

Jesus, in His sermon on the mountain, instructs us to be the “salt” of the earth.  What did He mean by that?  To be the salt of the earth?

Just as we use salt to season everything from soup to nuts, I believe Jesus was asking us to season the world with Christian love, and Christian knowledge, and Christian works.

In this age of “big brother,” (to borrow from the novel 1984) our neighbors see our every move.  Someone may be watching us at any given time, paying attention to how we relate to others and how we live our lives.

I believe that the famous quote from Jesus, “You are the salt of the earth,” is even more germane today that it might have been those two thousand years ago.

What would happen if the “camera” on our neighbor’s smart phone caught us giving to the poor?  What would witnessing about our Savior look like to our neighbors on the street?  What if the “camera” caught us in a prayer for peace?  What would all of this look like?

Our every move seasons the lives of others.  It is up to us whether we salt the world with thoughts of Christianity, or hot pepper sauce of something else.  It is our decision.  We decide how we season our relationships with family, coworkers, and strangers.

Jesus, in the Sermon on the Mount, made several requests of us with His loving guidance.

Jesus asks so little of us, yet He provides so awfully much!  Have faith.


The Sermon on the Mount can be found in the Christian Bible, New Testament, Book of Matthew, Chapter 5.  The verse that contains “You are the salt of the earth,” can be found in Matthew 5:13.

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