Let’s Cross the Bridge Together

It seems as if the closer I follow Christ, the clearer my mind is and the less stressful life seems.  The last few days I have been meditating on why this is so.

 America’s dear Billy Graham invited literally millions of people to follow Christ in his “crusades.”  (Crusades is in quotes because this is what media called Graham’s sermons.  I do not wish to offend my Muslim friends by this term.)  Billy Graham would call his followers up to the altar to begin a life of fellowship with Jesus Christ.  We usually did not hear what happened to those who answered that altar call.

 Okay, what happened?  Graham often illustrated the problems an individual might be having in their life.  Addiction, money problems, relationship problems to name a few.  As a child watching Graham on my small black-and-white television screen, I was always under the impression that those who went up to the altar call would have their problems instantly swept away, never to return.  How naive!

 Yet, keeping our eyes on Christ allows us to navigate through life over a quagmire of sin.

  A vision of seeing myself walking on a rope-and-plank bridge over a swamp filled with hungry alligators, with Christ Jesus at the end of the bridge, comes to mind.  Keeping my eyes on Christ as I determinedly cross the bridge keeps me focused on One who loves me and who actually has my best interests at heart.  I keep my head up and do not even glance at those hungry scavengers below.

 The alligators, my problems, are still there.  They may nip at my heels.  They may try to grab me, but I keep my focus on Christ.

 One by one, the alligators give up the hope of devouring me.  I ignore them, and keep my eyes facing forward, toward the Kingdom of Heaven with Christ as my beacon home.

 Outside of my vision, in reality, it may take some effort to ward off the demons.  But the battle against sin is championed by Jesus Christ.  With His help I find the comfort in each step I take across that wavering rope bridge.

 Together we triumph.  Sin has no hold on me.  Have faith.


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