Thank God! We are NOT God!

Looking back, over a half century ago, at a little Presbyterian mission church outside of Chicago, I was taught that Abraham spread the word that there is only one God.  Centuries after Abraham, it appears that that lesson needs to be reviewed by many people in pop culture, and it is not only the New Agers.

 Mankind was created by God, in the image of Himself.  Like God, we create our own worlds, through our thoughts and actions, through the way we interact with other individuals, and through what media we choose to feed out psyches. 

 Like God, and often with the help of God, we answer the prayers of others as well as our own prayers. 

 Like God, we can often work miracles.  (If we can juggle a household and a career, and manage a budget in this era, who would deny that we can work miracles?)

 But we are NOT God!  Only God is God, and thankfully so. 

 God shares His very essence with us, and many feel His power deep within us.  But only God is God.  We are the vessel, but God steers the ship.  This should be a great comfort. 

 God is in charge of the universe.  He is not an impartial bystander.  He is a living, thinking, caring being.  God wants what is best for our lives and the lives of our loved ones, and add to that the lives of all creatures here on earth.

 I believe that those who say “we are gods,” may not know God.  Relationship with God does not mean that we are God.  We will not receive a promotion to be God. 

 I find comfort every day in knowing that only God is God, and God is in charge.  My boss is not God; the postman is not God, only God is God.

 Wouldn’t it be a fine kettle of fish if I actually was God?  What an awful mess that would be!  Have faith.


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4 Responses to Thank God! We are NOT God!

  1. Natalie says:

    Great reminder, thank you! It reminds me what “let go and let God” is truly supposed to mean.

  2. Thank you..for sharing some good thoughts.. it was a worth read.. 🙂

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