Dance of the Seven Veils

Was the dance of the seven veils a strip-tease?  I doubt it.  Salome probably whirled the seven veils around, always revealing another veil.  After the dance she asked King Herod for John the Baptist’s head on a platter.

 Wouldn’t that be convenient?  Going through our lives, dancing the dance of Christianity, and then being presented with all that Jesus has to offer on a silver platter at the very end of our existence on earth.

 John the Baptist was put to death, so was Jesus.  The bounty on the silver platter is ours.

 There is a lesson in the dance.  Consider an onion, succulent and flavorful.  Think of the peel as the moment we recognize our need for salvation.  Inside the peel there are layers upon layers of succulent, flavorful onion.  These layers can be compared to our knowledge and maturing relationship with God through Christ Jesus.  One layer reveals another layer.  Each layer is as succulent and flavorful as the one before.  If there were an onion large enough, the succulence would go on forever.

 Don’t like onions?  Then substitute the onion for a sweet and lovely rose.  Each layer is as beautiful and fragrant as the one before.  If there were a rose large enough, we would never run out of petals.

 But the onion is finite, and so is the rose.  When we come to the last layer, we go to meet Jesus in the “sky.”   Will we recognize the sweetness of the journey?  The succulence of each layer of onion, or the fragrance of each rose petal?  We have a choice.

 We are free to mature in our Christianity, or we are free to remain stagnant, waiting for the finite layers to pass. 

 Are we waiting to be presented comfort with God on a silver platter?  How many executions will it take before mankind realizes it is all here for us now, free for the taking, each layer revealing another chapter in our Christian walk?  Have faith. 


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