Maybe It’s a Revelation . . .

Maybe it’s a revelation.  Maybe it is an epiphany.  Maybe it is a brain puff!  But here goes.  I will say on the onset that I welcome debate on the topic I am about to write about.  If someone needs to set me straight, then go ahead.  But I am about to share something I never realized before.

This past Thursday I was preparing my weekly blog post for my other blog,  You may be aware that the blog is a collection of all the chapters of a book that I wrote about twenty years ago but never had published.

Well, I was typing about the day Jesus rode into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday and the cleansing of the Temple.  Well, BANGO!  I was always taught by my pastors that Jesus got all jiggy and went a little nutsy because there were entrepreneurs at tables exchanging money.  I was taught that the money exchanged from type of currency to type of currency was to be used to buy animals to sacrifice to God.  My pastors’ explanation seemed plausible enough.

But Thursday I got to thinking.  What if the uproar and outburst was because the sacrifice of animals was wrong?  What if Jesus was trying to tell us, “Enough already!  God doesn’t respond to dead animals, and He doesn’t want them to die in this manner for this reason?”

I can only imagine that the people of the time thought they were doing something pleasing to God by sacrificing the animals.  They must have thought that there was something in the practice that benefitted them.  I do not know what.  Perhaps a good growing season.  Perhaps entry into Heaven.  I do not know how the people thought they would benefit from the practice of sacrificing animals.

In my imagination, I equated this practice to our modern day drug store chains.  The money exchangers stood to benefit from the ignorance of the people of Jesus’ time.  The drug stores have half the nation by the cajoles to get all their money, too.

Enter Jesus.  There was big “dough-rae-me” in selling those sacrificial animals.  OF COURSE the people in charge wanted to stop Jesus in His tracks!  Jesus was telling John Q. Public that sacrificing animals was wrong.  (There goes the “cash cow.”  No pun intended.)

If Jesus was on earth today, healing people for free, the drug stores would want Him stopped, too.  (There goes their “cash cow.”)

This line of thinking is just a moment away from also declaring that the sacrifice of Jesus was wrong.  God made a sacrifice to humanity by sending His only Son to bear our ignorance long enough to teach us.  The XXX Drug store put an end to Him.  Then they went so far as to make Jesus the scapegoat by trying to propagate that Jesus had to die—for our own good, of course.

Strong words?  Let me hear what you think!  Have faith.


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