Through Many Dangers, Toils and Snares . . .

What would you do if the person you trusted most suddenly abducted your children to a foreign land?

During the precious years my children were growing up, there were many difficult times.  But through it all, I always thought that the only thing in life that I would not be able to overcome would be the loss of one of my children.

But this post is not about me.  It is about Scott Lesnick, a friend and author, a business comrade.  Scott wrote a compelling memoir recounting the love he has for his children, going so far as to rescue them after they have been abducted to the Middle East.  Scott persevered.  Scott fought the good fight.  Scott had faith in God.

The book is entitled “Kidjacked” and can be purchased on Scott Lesnick’s website

I will use some of the language Scott uses to describe his compelling book:

Kidjacked:  A Father’s Story is the true account of how Scott Lesnick persevered, not once but twice, to get his two small children back to the United States after they were abducted to the Middle East by the person he trusted most—his wife.”

Kidjacked is a true story.  It is an honest story.  Kidjacked held my interest and at times (especially at the conclusion) was a genuine page-turner. It is an enjoyable read.

Scott writes an upbeat and inspirational book about a very serious topic.  This is not a tale, but it is written in an interesting and entertaining and thoughtful manner.  I highly recommend “Kidjacked.”

One word of caution.  Kidjacked is an honest account.  Scott uses the name of Christ in vain twice in this book.  This held me back from endorsing the book sooner.  I have had a change of heart.  God knows!  I am not perfect, either!

Have faith, Scott did!


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2 Responses to Through Many Dangers, Toils and Snares . . .

  1. Natalie says:

    This sounds like a fascinating read. Thanks for sharing – I will definitely be checking it out!

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