Superman and Green Lantern have Nothing on our Savior!

I seem to recall that most of the major super hero motion pictures revolve around saving the world from some kind of Dooms Day. or at least saving individuals from a fate worse than death.  Grand!  We are all saved from calamity—to go back to being the brats we are.  Back to our often rude, selfish selves.

But as far as super heroes go, Jesus is different.  Jesus saves us from our rude, selfish selves, one Christian at a time.  We need only take His hand, and He will lead us to safe ground.  It is GUARANTEED!

Jesus offers a lasting salvation.  He offers a salvation that goes beyond boundaries of bodily protection.  With our hands in His, He leads us toward the light of Heaven, and the light of righteousness here on earth.  This is lasting security.  Superman, Iron Man, Batman and the Green Lantern cannot promise what we are promised by Christ Jesus.  And Jesus delivers on His promise!

It’s like GROOVY, MAN!  (But forget the roach.)  Have faith.


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