Give me that Old Time Religion!

My dad’s head bobs out from behind the back of the television. He shouts, “June! I think it’s the 6J6! Upon that revelation, my dad jumps in the family automobile, and rushes to Farber’s Television and Appliance Repair. He is back home, safe and sound, with the new 6J6 tube just in time for Uncle Milty. The family sighs in relief.

The television has undergone an evolution. First we had TV’s with tubes. Then solid state television, and finally, digital TV. (Did I miss a step or two?) Television has changed. There are few things in this world that remain unwavering.

The world has seen the rock, the spear, the bow and arrow, the musket, the rifle, and finally nuclear weapons. The A-bomb fears of the 1960’s changed the world, and spawned a generation of rebellious teenagers.

The Bible has even changed. We saw the Gutenberg Bible, the King James Version, the New English Bible, the NIV and so on. Yet, the message of Jesus has not changed. It has remained constant, in a world filled with flux.

Hebrews 13:8 reminds us that Jesus is the same, yesterday, today and forever.

But, what does this mean? Why is this statement important in this day and age?

It is important because it is our assurance that Jesus provides the same salvation He provided over two thousand years ago. The benefits of this salvation include:

– Assurance of love in the family of God.
– Assurance of forgiveness for our sins.
– Assurance that God, through His Son, provides healing and comfort in all circumstances.

Even though television has changed, even though warfare has changed, even though the Bible itself has changed, mankind is still, after all these years, in need of the salvation Jesus offered us then and now.

Perhaps technology has become too big for its britches since the invention of the can-opener, but mankind still needs a perfect parent and a perfect partner to guide, reassure and comfort us.

Tomorrow is Sunday. I implore you to go to church in gladness and thankfulness, or take a few moments to read the Gospels of Jesus and reflect on how much He has stayed the same, even in the face of a changing world environment. Have faith.


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