You’re Psychic, Go Ahead and Hang out a Shingle!

Ever have a premonition?  Ever think you have been to a new place before?  Ever had feminine intuition?

It has been said that the psychic forces originate with God.  It was only today that I had a premonition and then connected the dots that that premonition may have been God saying to me, “Yes, dear one, I am here.”

Those of us living on earth today do not have the good fortune to walk with God in the flesh.  (Perhaps some day we will.)  There are precious few opportunities to connect with the living God in a personal way.  Yet there are times when God beacons to us.

Sometimes it is a feeling of agape love.  Sometimes it is humorous and entertaining, and sometimes a flash of inspiration is meant to warn us of an impending danger.

Webster’s Dictionary describes being psychic as:


adjective \ˈsī-kik\

—used to describe strange mental powers and abilities (such as the ability to predict the future, to know what other people are thinking, or to receive messages from dead people) that cannot be explained by natural laws

Little flashes of paranormal may be beneficial, but, there are people among us who ACTUALLY DO hang out and a shingle and claim to have supernatural powers.

Okay, I have had a psychic reading or two.  Sometimes it seemed as if the reader was offering helpful insight.  Unfortunately, where there is a dollar to be made, there is also fabrication (or ‘fib-rication’).  But now I see things more clearly.

I would rather remain satisfied with a personal flash of inspired insight, and from now on I will treasure these small moments of connection with our Father.  It would be great if some of my readers would leave a comment regarding a personal premonition or other psychic experience.  Have faith.


P.S.  Thank you for following this blog.  Back in 1995 I wrote a book.  I planned on self-publishing, but my publisher went out of business midway through the process.  Not wishing to try again, the book went fallow.  I have a brand new blog where about every week or so I will publish one chapter.  (Nothing will change my current blog; this new blog is in addition to what you read here.)  You can follow my new blog at  There will be fourteen chapters.  I truly value my readers.

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2 Responses to You’re Psychic, Go Ahead and Hang out a Shingle!

  1. God speaks; the Holy Spirit helps us hear; we only have to listen and pray for understanding. I pray God continues to bless you as you draw close to Him and explore prophetic gifting – and do steer clear of ‘psychic’ fabrication and New Age mysticism, for these are not of God. Bless you and thank for sharing.

    • wsforchrist says:

      Thank you for your kind comment and for your prayers. Although my religious background is Presbyterian and Lutheran, I have sojourned in many faiths, including the loosely collected New Age thought. All have been a blessing, I think it was Edgar Cayce who once said, “If you have an oar in the water, then row!” May God continue to strengthen you and show you the revelation of the Kingdom!

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