What’s Up Doc?

Jesus was a healer during the time He walked among us.  In modern times we also have healers walking among us.

Some healers straighten our backs.  Some healers treat bacterial infections.  Some give us sight.  Some restore our teeth.  Some save us from heart disease.  Some help us improve our thought processes.  The list goes on.

The healers of today, and I am talking about modern medicine, have more in common with the way Jesus helped the sick than we might think.  Modern medical practices throughout the ages rest on scientific understanding of the times.  From shaman to radiologist, from plants to pills, from barber to surgeon, all have been dependent upon practices, equipment, and medicines common to their times.

Mankind discovers the science, which has been available since the moment of creation.  With the evolution of modern medicine, mankind can certainly perform miracles.

Jesus did not have an MRI to study.  But Jesus knew how to heal.  As mankind has discovered the keys to healing, mankind is treated collectively to what was simple and natural to Jesus.  It is the same thing, but with more bottles, bells and whistles.

The healings Jesus performed were performed with virtually all of the scientific knowledge known to God, who created it all.   Possibly the only difference is that Jesus did not ask the patient whether they have insurance.  Have faith.


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