The Whole Truth!

Aha!” she said when referring to my last post.  “Then why doesn’t God just heal people like Jesus did when He was with us on earth?”

Well, God proved beyond a doubt, through Jesus, that He is sovereign over nature.  Some examples are when Jesus walked on water, when Jesus calmed the wind, and when Jesus shriveled up the fig tree that would not bear out of season.  Certainly Jesus was sovereign over nature when He healed people.  This is undeniable.

I cannot answer why God does not instantly heal the infirmities of people living on earth today.  However, I believe there was another reason why Jesus miraculously healed people—to lead us to restoration and wholeness.  Through the grace of God through Jesus Christ we can all work toward wholeness and spiritual wellness.  The sick came to Jesus, and he healed them.  When we, on earth today, follow Jesus, He heals and restores us.

God had faith in humankind that we would record these healings in the book we have come to know as the Christian New Testament.  As with every bit of New Testament scripture, these healings are a roadmap to reconciliation with God and wholeness that surpasses the physical body.

We have all been ill.  This is the way of nature.  Perhaps nature sins, just like humans.  Yet let us not be short-sighted.  When we follow Jesus in our hearts, we are moving toward wholeness and acceptance, not only in this life, but in our lives eternal.  I would rather have the flu, or any other illness, here on earth, and live with the promise every day that Jesus came here to heal us and to lead us to wholeness—for an eternity.  Have faith.


P.S.  Thank you for following this blog.  Back in 1995 I wrote a book.  I planned on self-publishing, but my publisher went out of business midway through the process.  Not wishing to try again, the book went fallow.  I have a brand new blog where about every week or so I will publish one chapter.  (Nothing will change my current blog; this new blog is in addition to what you read here.)  You can follow my new blog at  There will be fourteen chapters.  I truly value my readers.

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