God Bless the C & E’s

Tomorrow is Easter, and you may see some new faces in church at Sunrise Service.  Some may be the infamous C & E’s, as one pastor calls them, the Christmas and Easter worshippers.  Will some of the congregants snicker or sneer at these unfamiliar faces?  Will the Pastor welcome them?

In Matthew 19:14, Jesus is known to have said, “Leave the children alone!  Allow the little ones to come to Me, and do not forbid or restrain or hinder them, for of such (as these) is the kingdom of heaven composed.”  (Amplified Bible.)

Some of these strangers may be new in town and visiting your church for the first time, scouting for a new church.  Some, like the Prodigal Son, may be returning to the flock, hoping to rekindle and grow in the Spirit of God.  Some people may be bringing their children to church for the first time, and this will be their first introduction to Christ Jesus.

We are all children of God, every one of us.  Some are more grown-up, some more mature in Christ, and some are only beginning to walk the path of the Cross.

So, let the children come, and rejoice for them.  For such as these is the kingdom of heaven composed.  Have faith.


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