How Would Jesus Feel?

Earlier today I posted about mankind’s being created in the image of God, with all the gladness and responsibility that go along with it. Someone asked me to elaborate on the role Jesus played (plays) in helping us understand our role as direct descendants of God.

I encourage all my readers to review the four Gospels of Christ, according to the witnesses available during the time, and shortly after, that Jesus walked among us.  What was His personality like that we should all strive to emulate Him as children of God, His most fantastic creation?  Let me list of few of His personality traits.

1)     Compassion – Jesus healed, and continues to heal..

2)    Long-suffering – Jesus states in (Mark 9:19 and others) that He is disappointed with people’s lack of faith, but is willing to carry on His mission.

3)    Happiness – The wedding at Cana.

4)    Leadership – Throughout His ministry, and especially citing the Sermon on the Mount.

5)    Anger – The cleansing of the Temple.

6)    Grief – Upon the death of His friend, Lazarus.

7)    Love – The love Jesus expressed to His disciples, and especially John.

8)    Persistence – The many times He was challenged by the Scribes and Pharisees.

9)    Strength – His willingness to submit to the cross.

10   Wisdom – His guidance and instruction as we make our way toward Him and the Kingdom of Heaven.

11)  Forgiveness – Jesus forgave even His execution on the cross.

Did you see yourself in any of the emotions and traits listed?  There must be some I have missed.  Please feel free to comment and list any you feel would be helpful examples of the image of God.  Have faith.


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