Who Would Have Thought . . .?

Who would have thought that the power of lightening could be harnessed and reproduced in the form of electricity?  Yet, each and every day mankind uses God-given water and wind to create electricity to banish darkness and brighten our lives.

Who would have thought that one fine day the internal combustion engine, with the help of God-given petroleum would be transporting us to work, school and leisure activities?

Who would have thought that one fine day Watson would hear Bell asking for his assistance via a thin wire, the power of God-given vibration?

Who would have thought all those long years ago that one day mankind would have radio, television, cellular phones, the internet?  Yet, with the help of God-given talent and resources, we can enjoy all of these inventions!

Lately I have begun (again) pondering the what-ifs.  What if there is more to be discovered?  What if the technology we now enjoy is akin to people believing the world was flat in ancient times?

What if we are meat to one day truly understand God in ways not conceivable today?  A New Age concept is that somehow everything around us is the energy of God.  I never fully understood what my New Ager friends meant, but maybe they are on the right track.  And what if components of this energy are meant for mankind to harness and use. . . the love, the faith, the joy, the warmth. . . all gifts from God?

Who knows?  Maybe some people are enjoying this windfall even as I write this post!  Who would have thought . . .?  Have faith.


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