No Hocus Pocus. No Smoke and Mirrors.

Who are our angels?  Our dearly departed?  Winged beings clothed in white robes floating among the clouds playing golden harps?  I believe, and I have proof, that to some extent our angels live among us, as servants of God.  Please let me explain.  (No, I do not believe in UFO’s.)

Back in 1995 I authored a manuscript about getting to know God through the parables of Jesus.  I thought it was quite an accomplishment, so I shared it with my pastor.  After reading it, Pastor Jerry invited me to meet with him to discuss the book.  We shared a rousing and enlightening conversation.  At the end Jerry declared, “Well, part of the time I was host, and part of the time you were host.”  At the time I had no idea what he meant; however, almost twenty years later I get it.  Part of the time God was speaking through Pastor Jerry, and part of the time Pastor Jerry thought God was speaking through me.  Part of the time we each were angels, imparting information and edification from God.  I know that I came away from that conversation enlightened.

Today I recalled that enjoyable conversation, and I was reminded of Hebrews 13:2.    “Remember to show hospitality.  There are some who, by doing so, have entertained angels without knowing it.”

At this most blessed time of the year, as we celebrate the incarnation of God through Jesus, I am also reminded of Luke 2:8-14.  It is the story of a messenger, a Heavenly host, sent by God to the shepherds who were watching their flock.  Was that messenger a man coming out of the town of Bethlehem in testimony of the birth of Christ?  Could have been.  I believe at this Christmas time, and all the time, there are angels all around us, as servants of the Almighty God, instructing us and leading us.  Look around.  Could it be a co-worker, a church mate, a member of your own family?  Let each heart be the judge.  Have faith.


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