Some People Still do not Get it

My last post, “Cheeseburger Mania,” began with a humorous tale and ended with one of the most serious concepts in Christian reality.  Some of my friends have asked me to elaborate on my view of the Last Supper.  Until a few years ago, I did not comprehend the far-reaching magnitude of Jesus’ sharing His Body and Blood.

When I was just a kid, my family visited a worship service where everybody, young and old, partook of the Last Supper.  We were given the small vials of wine and a small cube of bread.  At the proper moment, we all celebrated the Last Supper in unison as a congregation.

Well one little boy, probably 5 years old, looked up and said, “They sure don’t give you much to eat here.”  Well, I laughed, then, but now I am horrified at the reality that many people do not understand the significance of the Lord’s Supper.

Over the years I have grown into a “heart” relationship with God through Christ.  Many concepts that I did not fully understand twenty years ago are clearer to me now, at least as far as I am able.  As I was maturing, the Lord’s Supper seemed mysterious to me, and perhaps I was never given the proper instruction by the clergy in my life.

At that fateful Last Supper, Jesus was sharing His very essence with His disciples, our fore bearers in Christ.  What we do have now-a-days, is the adage, “you are what you eat.”  In other words, as we partake of the bread and wine, Body and Blood, we are taking into our selves the essence of Christ.  The Body and Blood becomes a part of us.  Jesus was trying to convey to us that we are of the same substance as God.  We become like Jesus through this spiritual essence.

Along with this gift comes great responsibility.  Just as an infant learns and grows from progressively taking in more complex foods, we may find that through the sharing of God’s essence, and taking this with us as we walk through life, we have the ability to become more like Christ Jesus.  We have the ability to drink in the spiritual maturity that can only be enjoyed through communion with God, through prayer, through making an effort to divest ourselves of impure thought, and through actions that emulate Jesus, as we are best able to comprehend. This can be accomplished through studying the New Testament Gospels and the Epistles, and through that “heart” to “Heart” understanding.

As we come up upon Thanksgiving, this too is a Feast to Celebrate.  Have faith.


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