Glitz, Glam and Pyrotechnics

Ever been to a professional magic show?  Maybe Las Vegas?  I attended a magic show when I visited the Wisconsin Dells last summer.  Very impressive.  Each trick was staged with a glamorous approach complete with glittering costumes and flashy special effects.  There were levitating assistants, and he even made it snow in the theater!  The show was very entertaining.  Was the magician performing  miracles, or was it just “make believe?”

What about the real magic?  For instance, a dramatic medical breakthrough, or maybe a chemical breakthrough like those new chocolate covered potato chips?  What about the result of good architecture, or a striking work of art?  Miracles?  Or “make believe?”  Yet, these miracles are performed without glitz, glamour, or pyrotechnics.   Sometimes our outstanding accomplishments are taken for granted.  At times they even go unrewarded, a little like the accomplishments of Jesus during His ministry on earth.

During His ministry, Jesus performed many miracles.  He turned water into wine, He calmed the sea, and he restored the health of many individuals.  I am struck by the fact that Jesus usually performed these miracles without fanfare.  He could restore a person to health as easily as pouring a cup of tea.  To Jesus, as God on earth, all of these accomplishments seemed to come naturally.  Jesus used his gifts from God without glitz and glamour.

God endowed each human being with gifts.  Perhaps not as powerful as those of Jesus, but in our own way, each and every one of us can perform miracles.  It is the manner in which we use our gifts that can make a difference in our own lives as well as the lives of those around us.

Comforting our child when they are sick.  Volunteering at our local hospital.  Becoming a scout leader.  Going to work every day, and supporting our families.  All these things may seem mundane, yet they are all miracles.  By using our God-given gifts, we are making a difference, and slowly creating a better world, even without sequins and glitter!  Have faith.


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