How God Answers Prayer

The Green Bay Packers played the Vikings tonight.  Poetry in motion . . . During the game I got to thinking that the answer to prayer is a lot like a football play.  In reality, it’s all a team effort.  With the End Zone as the answer to the prayer, and the football as the means to the answer, answering prayer is a team effort, with God acting as Head Coach.  As an example:

The Packers line up on the twenty-yard line.  The Center snaps the ball to the Quarterback, who fakes a handoff to the Halfback.  The Fullback blocks, allowing the football to progress.  Meanwhile, the Quarterback looks for someone to be open and throws the football to the Tight End, who is running a pass formation.  The receiver catches the ball and runs for the End Zone . . . Touchdown!  While all this is going on, other players are blocking anyone from interfering with the catch.  Literally all of the players are involved in the play, protecting the football, and facilitating the football to progress to the End Zone.  Yup, it’s like the answer to prayers.

God did not create a bunch of ninnies!  God created capable, thinking beings, who are very much involved in the answer to prayer.  Often God trusts us and places great responsibility in our hands.  God may communicate with us through inspiration and flashes of thought, that still, soft voice.

Let’s say a person is in need of a serious operation.  We all know the old standard prayer, “God, please guide the surgeon’s hands.”   Well, He may, but the surgeon underwent years of training to be able to perform the operation.  The surgeon may also have passed on that second cup of coffee that morning so his hands would be steady.  In addition to the surgeon, we have nurses, technicians, the support of family and friends, and a willing and confident patient.  Throughout the operation each individual may have been listening to God via Christ in their hearts.  We have a team, and they are all angels.

Want a new job?  Your “football” might be your resume.  Perhaps you listened to God in your heart as you were creating it.  Then you have someone in the HR Department, who reviews your resume and passes it along to a hiring professional, who may have to cull out 50 or 60 resumes before deciding to call you in for an interview.  Then, there is the first interview.  God may actually give you the right words to say through inspiration.  Many people may have been involved in your successfully landing that job.  Many people may have been listening to God.  They are a team, and they are all angels.

If I pray for a gold necklace, it probably will not just appear in my mailbox one day.  I will probably have to work and save for that necklace.  My line of work is commission retail sales.  Enough people will have to come into the store and buy from me to facilitate my obtaining that gold necklace.  Perhaps many of these customers listened to God in their hearts, and came to that store on any given day at His suggestion.  It is what I do with these gifts of customers that decides whether or not I will be wearing a gold necklace any time soon.  Customer and sales person, it is a team effort, and the customers are my angels.

I tried to wrap this post up in less than 400 words, but I went over.  I hope this explanation helps some of my readers find peace with God as He answers prayer.  Have faith.


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4 Responses to How God Answers Prayer

  1. robakers says:

    Nice post, you could have probably saves 100 words by just saying that Aaron Rogers is a great quarterback and makes professional defensive football players look silly.

    Getting to Heaven is a true team effort. Jesus plus everyone you ever meet is all you need to get into Heaven. Because none of us can get out of this life alive without Jesus.

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