Oh! Those Golden God Moments!

In the 60’s, and in reruns, Rod Serling implored us to “Watch the signposts up ahead.  . . The next stop, the Twilight Zone.”  Sometimes golden moments of coincidence can seem as if we are in the Twilight Zone.  Be it a new song on the radio that one could swear is speaking directly to us, to randomly finding a greeting card that says exactly what we want to convey to a loved one, most of us have had moments of coincidence and amazement.

Psychologist Carl Gustav Jung might call them moments of “serendipity.”  My daughter calls them “God moments.”    Many times these coincidences are accompanied by a feeling that we should keep this moment to ourselves.  Sometimes the moment seems so bizarre that we can’t help but express what we have experienced.

These moments may be few and far between, but In God’s plan for our lives, they may be important “touches” that help guide and support us on our way.    They may help us connect with Christ or that inner guide dog.  These small coincidences help us reinforce a decision we are about to make, or they may lend closure to an unhappy circumstance.  The possibilities are endless.

The important thing to remember is when something like this suddenly occurs, no, we have not lost our mind.  These serendipities are part of God’s natural order, and proof that He takes each and every one of His children to heart and provides a way to “see” and experience Him in His domain of miracles.

It has been said that, “In every ordinary day, there is a handful of miracles.”  Come and get yours!  Do you have an experience to share?  Please leave a comment.  Have faith.


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2 Responses to Oh! Those Golden God Moments!

  1. robakers says:

    My wow moments are usually when I look up at the stars or look at the trees changing colors. I try to figure out how someone can believe that it all happened by accident.

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