The Secret? What Secret? There is No Secret!

I just finished watching “The Secret” on Netflix.  The film asserted that if one just thinks about obtaining an object and visualizes about having an object, ‘low and behold’ that person will obtain that object through the so-called ‘law of attraction’ via some impersonal ‘universe.’  The film depicted examples of a bicycle, a gold necklace, a car, a million dollars, and the opportunity to date three different persons each week.  The film did not guarantee that these objects and circumstances would assure the recipient’s happiness.  It was just the same old ‘we are our own god’ theory.  “That trick never works” (for those who remember the Trix Cereal rabbit commercials.)

Now, I promised a friend I would be less preachy on this blog, and I will try to keep my promise.  But my God is not an impersonal “universe.”  My God is very much interested and concerned about my happiness, and He is all about a life-time plan.  And that’s no Secret!  The ministry of Jesus is all about demonstrating a personal and caring God.

There is definitely structure to the way God answers our prayers, and I would like to reserve an explanation for another post.  I try to keep my posts to under 400 words.  But I will say that the way God answers our prayers is always for our highest good, and He may substitute a gold necklace with a special friend, or a new job, or a move to Virginia.

However, I will list some of the things I have learned through the guidance of scripture and the presence of Christ in my life:

  • Healing can lead to happiness.  Facing and dealing with our disappointments in life, such as being bullied in school, or being an abused spouse.  Sometimes this takes some professional help.  There’s no shame in it.
  • Understanding that every day and in every way we are being educated, whether directly, such as through reading scripture, or indirectly, by comprehending a moment of compassion coming from another person.  We can learn how to be happy.
  • Setting attainable goals and striving to reach them can lead to happiness.
  • Surrounding ourselves with people who contribute to our well-being, such as good friendships, and associating with people in the workplace who support us.
  • Staying positive. Uplifting our thought patterns, (but without guilding the circumstance) can relieve stress.
  • Learn how to solve the small problems in life, and learn to solve them without being too dependent on others,.  For instance:  if the battery goes dead in my automobile, I will call AAA instead of burdening a friend or relative with my problem.
  • Take time for small rewards, such as watching a movie on Netflix or enjoying a chocolate bar.

I will end this post with a song I sang every week in the Presbyterian church I attended as a child.  It went:

Praise God from Whom all blessings flow,

Praise Him all creatures here below,

Praise Him above, all heavenly hosts,

Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

Have faith,


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6 Responses to The Secret? What Secret? There is No Secret!

  1. robakers says:

    Great Post. I love everything you say, all the time, without fail. I have to disagree with your friend though, I never felt that you were preachy. I don’t do preachy, I turn it out immediately. I always thought of you as a fellow sojourner, walking the walk while you talked the talk.

  2. mbraley says:

    Great post! I’m looking forward to reading more. Thanks for posting.

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