“I Am the True Vine”

Linkedin?  Facebook?  Cell phones?  The old-fashioned crank telephone?  When is enough enough?  Or when is too much too much?  Now, I don’t stand in judgment of the person who photographs their manicure in order to post a picture of her fingernails on Facebook.  That’s her business.  However, it seems to me that some people need to share these minutest of details with a crowd just to feel connected for a few minutes.  Is technology filling their hearts?  This question may be as old as the first smoke signals.

We may be connected superficially, or we, through Christ Jesus, may be connected with our Father in Heaven.  Comfort and security, and feeling truly connected with others, may begin with Christ in our hearts.    I am sure that the Christian who understands relationship with God through Christ knows what I’m talking about, and they may add relationships with their Facebook friends to sweeten the deal.

This week I have been studying the Gospel of John, Chapter 15, verses 1-11 in the Amplified Bible.  The crux of the passage seems to be:  I am the Vine; you are the branches.  Whoever lives in Me and I in him bears much (abundant) fruit.  However, apart from Me (cut off from vital union in Me) you can do nothing.”

It is a little like communication via the tom-toms (or e-mail).  Jesus is the Vine; we are the branches.  We commune with God through Christ, and through this heart/mind/soul communication, our branches bear fruit, which we can share with our families and neighbors.  We can share through our emotions, our attitudes, our demeanors and often through direct testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  What a fortunate harvest!

I suggest reading John 15:1-11 when you get a chance.  These verses offer unlimited comfort through connection.  Have faith.


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5 Responses to “I Am the True Vine”

  1. revjoe01 says:

    Thank you for this!
    It is amazing that as “connected” as people are through technology, how “disconnected” the human condition remains.
    You have great insights!

  2. robakers says:

    It is so important to stay connected to the vine. I believe that nothing can separate us from the Love of God. But I also believe that our love of self will prevent us from accessing that Love that is always there.

    So often we sabotage ourselves because of some mixed up priorities. It is so sad to watch others destroy what is so wonderful and free to all.

    I have a question. I asked this of a couple of bloggers this week and they don’t have a good answer. If you don’t want to address this, no worries. I understand.

    Here goes. Where do dinosaurs fit into the story of Creation?

    • wsforchrist says:

      Thank you for visiting my blog and for your thoughtful and bold comment.

      As a kid , I once asked my father where I came from. He told me he found me under a cabbage leaf in the garden. When I ask my Father in Heaven where I came from, same thing.

      The book of Genesis was written some 6,000 years ago, with the scientific and spiritual understanding available at the time. Both of these endeavors may have progressed during these 6,000 years (and thank God).

      I do not know how dinosaurs fit into the story of creation, but I do know that whether God created the world in six days, or whether evolution is fact, it does not change the truth one iota. God created mankind, mankind fell into sin, and mankind was sent a savior. If we listen to Christ, we become members of the kingdom of Heaven and live out our earthly existence with the comfort and peace of God.

      • robakers says:

        I appreciate you for making the most dreaded of statements. “I don’t know.” It always amazes me how many people are afraid to say that. That speaks well of your honor and integrity. I really don’t know either, but like you say it doesn’t matter.

        Wherever they fit into the story, they were created by God. I sleep well at night knowing that he is ultimately in control of all. I ask the question because last week my family went to King’s Island and they have a great exhibit with full size dinosaurs. They were amazing creatures, but I had to wonder where they fit into the story. I know that Noah didn’t have them on board because he had two of every animal. So they didn’t die in the flood because Noah would have had them with him.

        It is a mystery to me but thank you for having this conversation.

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