Wheat or Weeds–What will it be?

The parable of the weeds growing among the intended wheat is one of the most encouraging and loving of the stories Jesus told during His ministry.  It is not a threat of impending doom as so many of us have been taught.

Jesus said, “The kingdom of Heaven is like this.  A man planted his field with good seed; but while everyone was asleep his enemy came, sowed weeds among the wheat and fled.  When the wheat sprouted and began to fill out, the weeds could be seen among it.  The farmer’s men went to their master and said, ‘Sir,’ was it not good seed that you planted in your field? Then where have the weeds come from?’  ‘This is an enemy’s doing,’ the master replied.  The men said, ‘Well then, shall we go and gather the weeds?’  ‘No,’ the master answered; ‘In gathering it you might pull up the wheat at the same time.  Let them both grow together till harvest; and at harvest time I will tell the reapers, ‘Gather the weeds first, and tie it in bundles for burning; then collect the wheat into my barn.”

To explain the parable in positive terms, I will assert that the wheat is an example of thoughts (followed by words and deeds) that are within the will of God.  I know that God, and I believe most of mankind, intends our thoughts to be pure, honest and within the will of God.

However, in creep the tarnished thoughts, the weeds.  (Possibly planted by Satan?)  Following the tarnished thoughts come impure words and deeds.  We may have a mess in our lives.

The parable illustrates the patience demonstrated by our Father in Heaven as He allows for our free will.

As we mature as Christians, with the help of God, we discard the impure, and the impure is sent to the spiritual fire and destroyed.

At the same time, the thoughts resulting in words and deeds that are useful to mankind and God are embraced and become part of the kingdom of Heaven, which is always in a state of growth and development in our lives, both individually and as a community of mankind.  Have faith.


The parable of the wheat and weeds can be found in Matthew 13:24-30

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2 Responses to Wheat or Weeds–What will it be?

  1. robakers says:

    Very Nice thought, WS. I always enjoy your thoughts and the passages you select.

    I don’t know what your beliefs are concerning the end of times. But the popular theory is that the Day of Christ will come and he will take his true believers with him in the rapture. Then there will be a 1000 year tribulations, and so on. I will assume that you are familiar with this theory.

    My question is this. In the above passage The Master tells his workers to gather the weeds first and throw them in the fire. Then gather the wheat, second and take it to the barn. Does this passage overturn the tribulation theory?

    FYI: I have a open mind so please feel free to share your honest thoughts. You wont hurt my feelings either way. But if you prefer to hold this discussion in a more private forum you can e-mail me.

    • wsforchrist says:

      Thank you so much for including the commonly held theory in your comment. I am aware of this theory. But I ask this, “What are we waiting for?” This world is living on borrowed time.
      We are all walking around in sin, and we are all walking around with a ‘cruciable,’ in other words, a spiritual furnace, to burn off the thoughts that are outside of the will of our Lord. To wait and wait until Jesus returns, and then do something about sin is too long to wait. With His help, we can begin to destroy sin through a cleansing spiritual fire. It is through this fire, or partially through this fire that Jesus removes our sins and makes us acceptable in the eyes of God and welcome in the kingdom of Heaven.

      Far too many people are taking Jesus for granted. They walk around with their arms figuratively at their sides and refuse to participate in their own cleansing. You may ask whether I believe that Jesus took away my sins on the cross. Because Jesus walked among us, revealing himself slowly through parables and healing, I can begin to reconcile with God and my fellow men/women. Jesus gave me the means through His sacrifice of life and death on earth.

      My own theory is that even after Jesus died on the cross in our place, we still sin. If we did not sin, this world would be a far better and easier place to live. God provides an incinerator (insinerator?) to burn off the sin, and a baptism to complete the cleansing.

      So many people don’t want to put any effort into their Christianity. For instance, have you ever heard the old saying, “Unless your mother lives here, you will have to clean up by yourself.” I, for one do not expect someone else to do my dirty work. Jesus and God have given us the means, let’s put some shoulder into it.

      Thank you again for your thoughtful comment, and the opening for this dialogue.

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