We are Not Doing it Wrong!

We receive spiritual edification via a heart/mind/spirit connection with God through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.  In this way we are included as members of God’s holy family.  Everyone is welcome to partake of this edification and knowledge of God.  Everyone is welcome to partake in the benefit relationship with God can bring to the lives of the individual and the community of believers.

Yet some people ask how they know they are included in God’s holy family.  Many people have doubts because they do not feel this connection in their hearts.  A correlation came to mind today between the individual who may be a new believer, and an individual who has come to know God over the course of a longer period of time.

It is finally summertime in Wisconsin!  Time for shorts, and flip-flops and lemonade!  Yesterday, while I was making a pitcher of lemonade from a carton of dry crystals, a comparison came to mind.

I started with a small amount of crystals in the pitcher of water.  There was a physical change in the water, but if I tried to enjoy then, the lemonade would be very weak.  It looked weak and it tasted weak, but it was nonetheless, lemonade.  As I added more and more crystals, the lemonade became gradually stronger, until it tasted and looked like a robust drink.

I compared the crystals to edification from God through the Holy Spirit.  When God is first revealed to us in our hearts, the edification may have to compete with many other concepts before it settles into the knowledge and peace edification brings.  At first, this edification can be diluted—we do not fully comprehend or enjoy the benefits God has intended.

As we open our hearts and learn to trust God, more knowledge and edification may be revealed–a stronger drink, a stronger faith, a stronger peace, and a stronger pleasure.

This combination is open to everyone, from the newest, just born infant, to the mature, grey-haired individual.  It is never too early and never too late to open our hearts to the good news of the family of God.

What did you drink in today from the Spirit?  Let’s all share the drink!  Have faith!


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2 Responses to We are Not Doing it Wrong!

  1. Drinking in the Spirit. A great question! Thank you for liking my blog. I look forward to reading more from you. Peace and Blessings

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