Can We Work Our Way into Heaven?

It’s official, the motion picture “Man of Steel” has been released and is in the theaters!  Now, picture this.  Me and six or seven of my closest friends agree to meet at the nearest cinemaplex to enjoy the show when a stranger intercepts us before we reach the box office.  He generously offers to pay for our tickets!  We gladly accept and proceed to the lobby of the cinemaplex.

In the lobby we mill around excitedly, all talking about how generous, kind, loving and powerful our benefactor is.  Not one of us proceeds into the theater to take a seat for the performance!  We just mill around talking.  We don’t even talk about how great the show will be.  We only talk, and talk, and talk about the stranger.

Obviously, we miss the show. And that’s my point.  I have often been criticized by individuals who accuse me of believing that one can work their way into Heaven.  Well, to this I say, “Why not actually proceed into the show.  That’s where all the action is!”  There is a world of enjoyment, peace, joy, love and miracles just inside the door.  The price for our entrance into this world has been paid!  Why not make the effort instead of just talking about it and giving lip service to a generous stranger!

Another example is of a man who has fallen off a ship into the ocean.  Someone immediately throws him a lifeline, but the man does not grasp onto it.  He is waiting for someone to save him!  I suggest you grasp onto the lifeline that Jesus has thrown!  Then you can be towed to safety!

God has laid before us a bountiful feast.  Do we expect him to chew and taste our food for us?  Why not be grateful to our generous “stranger!”  Perhaps we will all come to know him better if we make the effort!  Have faith!


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2 Responses to Can We Work Our Way into Heaven?

  1. Ike says:

    You worded it very well….”effort”…not “earn”.

    • wsforchrist says:

      Thank you for visiting my blog and for your clarifying comment. Salvation is a free gift, not earned by us. God deems us worthy, and it is with His help that we can realize and enjoy this gift.

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