We Are Miracle Workers!

When a prayer has been answered, have you ever thought, “How did God do that?”  Jesus has the answer!

From the Gospels we learn that Jesus sent his disciples over the countryside to work miracles and spread the good news of God’s Kingdom on Earth.  Have you ever stopped to think that maybe WE are called to be the disciples of Jesus and work miracles?

A small child may pray for a peanut butter sandwich and a play date with a friend.  Who answers this child’s prayers?  Of course, the child’s caregiver.  But it doesn’t stop there.  That caregiver may have had oodles of things to do that day and thought it would be a burden to stop everything to take the child on a play date.  Then, he/she listened to the soft, still voice from within.  That soft, still voice may have been a vehicle for God to answer the child’s prayer.  Together, the caregiver and God found a way to please this small child.

It doesn’t stop there.  That long-awaited promotion at work.  Finding just the right house to purchase at just the right time.  Going to visit the doctor on a hunch and finding a curable disease just in time.  These all may be examples of God working deep within to answer a prayer—listening to the soft, still voice.

God may answer our prayers with our own cooperation.  All we need do is listen (and act).  We may also answer the prayers of others by listening to God, be it a peanut butter sandwich and a play date, or promoting the most worthy employee, leading to a better life for that person.

These are the powers of God, and we are all welcome to partake!  We may look toward the face of God for the answer to our prayers, and we may also look to the face of our neighbors.  Miracles and true love in action!  Have faith!


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