Kiss-up or Christian?

In the infamous movie of the 1980’s Ferris Bueller says something to the effect of, “Nobody will respect you if you kiss their ass.  It just doesn’t work.”

Then, in contrast, we read in the Gospels that Jesus said things like, “Turn the other cheek.” and “Blessed are the peacemakers.”  Well, what if the other guy hasn’t read the Gospels?  What if the other guy is living under another set of rules all together?  Was Jesus trying to tell us to “Pucker up, Buttercup?”  (another Bueller quote.)

In my life right now, I am experiencing a bad spell at the workplace. I am finding it very difficult to hold to the words of Jesus when some people around me are running me over like a freight train.  Some are taking advantage of me, some are disrespecting me, and some are just downright mean.

Then, today, it all became crystal clear.  As I was reading the Sermon on the Mount , I was reminded of Jesus’ consoling words, “How blest you are, when you suffer insults and persecution and every kind of calumny for my sale.  Accept it with gladness and exultation, for you have a rich reward in heaven; in the same way they persecuted the prophets before you.”

My reward is the love and respect of our Heavenly Father.  I am realizing this reward even as I write these words.  Yes, everybody has equal access to this reward.  It is a “heart thing.”

Yesterday I was inspired to write down the two words, “have faith.”  I now realize that the sense of faith is a reward even of itself.   It leads to consolation and reassurance from our Heavenly Father.  It’s all I need to go and face all those “bad guys.”  With faith in God, I am able to face each day with strength.  No one with this much strength ever kissed anybody’s ass.  It just doesn’t work.


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2 Responses to Kiss-up or Christian?

  1. revjoe01 says:

    I think it is fascinating that Jesus came at the time of Pax Romana, a time of unprecedented peace. Yet he came to bring Peace. The peace that God gives cannot be given by a strong army or empire.

  2. wsforchrist says:

    Thank you for your kind comment. It would be great if you would edify our readers about Pax Romana. The peace that God gives is the peace that goes beyond Earthly understanding. It rises above all of our problems and comforts us.

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